Editions and Pricing

Features, Editions and Pricing

AssetManager Pro comes in a range of editions depending on how many company files you need to manage and if you need to install and run AssetManager Pro from a MS Server.

Try all the AssetManager Pro Editions for FREE and use to enter up to 15 Assets.

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Editions and Pricing

Business Edition Premier Edition Enterprise Edition Advisor Edition


Company Files Number of Company Files you can create and manage 2 10 100 Unlimited
Assets Number of Assets you can create and manage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
MS Server
(inc Terminal Services)
Install and access from MS Server (2003/2008 and 2012)
User Remote Access (Terminal Services) to Access Remotely
Support Included Included 12 Months of Technical Support AND Free Upgrades
Migration Assistance Send us your Assets in Excel and we will import them for you!(1)


  $996 AUD $1,496 AUD $1,996 AUD $2,996 AUD


Create and
Manage Accounts
Create, Link and Manage Asset related Accounts
(e.g. Asset at Cost, Accumulate Depreciation, Depreciation Expense etc.)
Automated Journals Export and Import Depreciation Journals and Transactions Journals into your Accounting System
Accounting System Integration MYOB AccountRight Classic, AccoutRight Live, Essentials, ExoXeroIntuit QuickBooks OnlineReckon AccountsAttachePlus more – call to check
Asset Pools General SBE, Low Value and Software Development Pools


GST/LCT Assign and calculate GST and LCT.
Produce Asset Acquisition and Transaction Journals showing GST/LCT Impact
Transactions Book and Tax Transactions
Dispose of Assets on a Voluntary or Involuntary basis, Write-Off and Revaluations
Balancing Charges
Second Element Cost (Asset Improvement)
Changes in Effective Life and Private Use %


Service Provider
and History
Service Information
(Service Provider, Contract Number)
Service Log/History (Service Date, Provider, Details and Next Due)Service To Do List (Service Due).
Insurance Policy
and Asset Insurance
Insurance Policy Information (inc Insured Assets)Asset Insured Value vs. Asset Cost and Current Value ReportingInsurance Policy Renewal (inc To Do List).
and Expiry
Warranty Information
(Serial Number and Expiry Date)
Warranty To Do List (Warranty Expiry)


Asset Bar-codes Print Asset and Asset Location Bar-codesExport Bar-codes (for printing pre-printed Bar-Codes)Customise Bar-Code Label Formats
Asset Tracking Asset Count/ReconciliationReconcile and Confirm/Adjust LocationImport Scanned Assets
Scan and Create Create New Assets from Pre-Labelled/Scanned Assets


Import Import and Export – Accounts, Assets, Service Log Entries, Asset Groups, Cards, Insurance PoliciesExport Accounts, Assets, Depreciation Journals, Service Log Entries, Asset Groups, Cards, Asset and Asset Location Barcodes Files.
Backup/Restore Backup and restore your company file,
ensuring full backups for maintenance
and previous financial year management
Passwords Master password.Restrict access to specific functions (inc delete)


Number of Reports Depreciation, Asset Transactions, Asset Registry, Asset Tracking,
Service/Warranty/Insurance, Accounting/Journals and Tax Reporting.
40 reports 40 reports 40 reports 40 reports
Report Export Formats and Output Options Export reports in Excel, PDF, HTML, XHMTL, RTF, Image(BMP, JPG, GIFF),
Metafile and Text File Export to disk, application or email.

Prices include GST

(1) Includes 1 FREE company file – additional company files @ $300 per file

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Ongoing Support

GRAGA Software Solutions is continually enhancing AssetManager Pro. Whether that be new features or yearly compliance related changes introduced by the Australian Tax Office.

After your 12 months of INCLUDED Support and Free Upgrades – you can continue to get Support and Upgrades by renewing your Support.
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