AssetManager Pro and MYOB

For over 18 years GRAGA AssetManager Pro (formerly MYOB AssetManager Pro) has enhanced the MYOB Accounting range of solutions enabling business to account for asset acquisitions, transactions and depreciation (including GST)

GRAGA AssetManager Pro is Australia’s leading Asset Management software for Businesses, Bookkeepers and Accountants. Used by over 10,000 business and advisors to take control of their fixed assets.

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Manage your Assets

Manage assets throughout their lifecycle, tracking the acquisition, depreciation, transactions, service history and warranty information.

Track your Assets

Track every aspect of your assets, including key asset details, locations, cost centre, vendors and custodians. Keep tabs on them with barcodes and perform regular asset counts to confirm your assets still exist and are located where they should be.

Account for your Assets

Account for your assets with real time accounting entries on every action that impacts on your book and tax accounting obligations. Full support for STS, Non-STS and Asset Pools. Provide reports that helps you and your advisor fully comply with all your accounting and tax obligations

MYOB Integration

Create your MYOB Accounts Link your MYOB Accounts
When setting up AssetManager Pro, enter your MYOB accounts relating to assets, expenses, liabilities and income. Linking support for every aspect (inc GST) of asset acquisitions, depreciation and transactions. Link the MYOB accounts to the AssetManager Pro Account Types including Asset at Cost, Accumulated Depreciation and Depreciation Expenses.
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Import Asset Transactions Journal into MYOB Import Asset Depreciation Journals into MYOB
Let AssetManager Pro calculate and create the journals (inc GST) for your Asset Acquisitions, Revaluations, Write-offs and a range of other transactions – then import those journals into MYOB to ensure full accounting compliance as to the transactional and GST impacts. Let AssetManager Pro calculate the ongoing depreciation for your Assets, and import the depreciation amounts on a periodic basis (as often as you like) into MYOB to ensure you are fully up to date with your asset depreciation expense and asset values.
Report Asset Journal

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