Feature List

Feature List

GRAGA AssetManager Pro is Australia’s most comprehensive fixed asset management solution for both asset tracking and asset depreciation. Below is a complete list of all the features.

Asset_Register_Feature Asset Register

Asset_Register_Feature Asset ID

Unique Asset ID, Name

and Picture
Header and Detail

(Component) Assets

Group component or

related assets


under their Header/Parent

Asset Attributes

Assign and track

Asset Location, Cost Centre,

Vendor and Custodian
Custom Asset Attributes

Assign user definable Custom

Lists(3) and Custom Fields(3) to

define asset identification that specifically meets

the needs of

your business

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Asset_Register_Feature Asset Depreciation Settings

Asset_Depreciation SBE and Non-SBE

Support for Small Business

and Non-Small Business

Entities for Australia
Book and Tax


Calculate both Book

and Tax Depreciation
Asset Pools

General SBE, Low Value

and Software Development Pools
Asset Specific


Assign specific

depreciation based on a specific asset
Asset Depreciation


Real time asset journals

for transactions and ongoing depreciation.
Asset Groups

Assign and apply

depreciation to assets

by asset groups

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Asset_Register_Feature Asset Depreciation

Asset_Depreciation Depreciation Attributes

Set Asset Depreciation


Effective Life, Rate

and Frequency
Depreciation Types

Supports Diminishing Value,

Prime Cost (Straight Line),

Full Depreciation

and Non-Depreciable, Change Price Cost to Prime Cost(Straight Line)
Immediate Write-Off

and Accelerated


Automatic application

of immediate write-off

and accelerated depreciation thresholds

Calculate GST and LCT on all asset

transactions, enter

as inclusive or exclusive.
Private Use %

Define the level of Private

Use for an asset

automatically apply

that to the applicable

asset transactions

and depreciation
Depreciation Reporting

Asset depreciation reports including

acquisition date, date sold/written off,

cost limits, previous years

depreciation/adjustments, opening book

and tax values,

YTD depreciation and

closing book value.


by Asset Group

Group/Filter by

Card (Location, Cost Center,

Vendor and Custodian)

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Transaction Asset Transactions

Asset_Transaction Asset Acquisitions

and Transactions

Acquisitions, Voluntary

and Involuntary Disposals,

Write-Offs, Revaluations,

Second Element Costs,

Effective Life Changes,

Changes in Private Use %.

and Balancing Charges
Asset Disposals,


and Revaluations

Dispose of assets on a voluntary

or involuntary,

write-offs entirely or revalue, creating

details and

transactions (inc journals) that record

impact on asset values, adjustments,

YTD depreciation, accessible

gain/loss amounts

and GST/LCT impacts
Second Element

of Cost

Automatic application

of immediate write-off

Apply any capital


incurred after the asset

acquisition to

the original asset
Changes in Effective


and Private Use %

Create transactions to change

the Effective Life and

Private Use % for an asset

impacting on

future book

and tax depreciation.
Asset Transaction


Book and Tax reporting filter by

transaction type,

detailed and summary outputs

Report on any changes in

asset effective life’s

and private use %

from year to year
Asset Transaction


Real time asset journals

for transactions
Balancing Charges

Offset assessable gains

against one or more assets.

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Transaction Accounting Integration

Asset_Transaction Integrate with your

Accounting System

Works with all

the popular

accounting systems

including MYOB AccountRight,

MYOB Essentials,

QuickBooks(Reckon Accounts),

QuickBooks Online(Intuit),

Xero, MYOB


Attache plus many

Create and Link

your Accounts

Create and link your

Accounting system

accounts to the account

types in AssetManager Pro

(For example Asset at Cost, Accumulated

Depreciation, Depreciation Expense etc)

Create and link different

accounts for

each Asset Group
Asset Transaction

Journal Reports

and Outputs

Report on asset transaction journals

and export them for import into your

Accounting system using the

linked account codes.
Asset Depreciation


Reports and Outputs

Report on asset

depreciation journals

and export them

for import into your

Accounting system using

the linked account

Asset Account

Trial Balance

Run a trial balance report to reconcile

the value of your asset accounts

to those into your accounting system.

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Asset_Tracking Asset Tracking

Asset_Register_Feature Barcodes

Create and assign barcodes to assets
Print Asset Barcodes

Schedule and print asset barcode with
Load Scanned Assets

Import scanned asset

information for asset

Asset Audit/Reconciliation

Reconcile asset existence and

locations, automate through scanned

asset upload. Perform reconciliation by

original or scanned location.

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Asset_Tracking Service Management and Register

Asset_Register_Feature Service Information

Track the service provider,

contract number and next service due
Service Log/History

Create service logs with info

on service date, service

provider service details

and next service due.
Service To Do


Identify via the To Do

List assets that are

pending a service

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Asset_Tracking Warranty Management

Asset_Register_Feature Warranty Information

Track the serial

number and warranty date
Warranty Due To Do List

Identify via the To Do List assets that are pending warranty is expiring

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Data Input and Output Insurance Management

Insurance Management Insurance Policies

Track your insurance


including Policy Number,

Name, Insurer,

Policy Value,

Renewal Date


Renewal Price
Link Assets to

Insurance Policies

Link asset(s) to insurance policies

and report on

the value

of those assets

against the

policy value.

Reports include

detailed and

summary listing.

Group reports by Insurer

or Policy.
Insurance Policy

Renewal To Do List

Identify via the

To Do List


policies that are due

for renewal

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Asset_Tracking Data Input and Output

Data Inout and Output Import and

Export Options

Choose between


or tab delimited

Define header or

detail records

Reject or update

duplicate records Export

selected records

Match import file

fields to fields

in AssetManager Pro

Full error and

warning reporting
Import and Export

Import Accounts,

Assets, Service Log


Asset Groups,

Cards, Insurance Policies

Export Accounts,

Assets, Depreciation


Service Log Entries,

Asset Groups, Cards,

Asset and Asset

Location Barcodes Files.
Report Export



Output Options

Export reports in




Image(BMP, JPG, GIFF),

Metafile and Text File

Export to disk,

application or email.

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File Maintenance File Maintenance

Asset_Register_Feature Create Multiple

Company Files

Create multiple company


to support geographic

and divisional requirements

Note: Number of company files

is limited based

on the edition

of AssetManager Pro
Create and Manage

Tax Codes

Against each file

create and manage

your tax

codes and rates applied

to asset acquisitions.

Backup and restore

your company file, ensuring

full backups for maintenance

and previous financial

year management

Control access to the

AssetManager Pro file via

a master password.

Restrict access to

specific functions

(inc delete)

via additional

Auto or User Entered Numbering

Define the asset ids

based on an auto

or a user-defined


Receive and install

updates to AssetManager Pro automatically

via the auto-update function

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File Maintenance Installation and Access

Installation and Acess Stand-Alone

Install and run and access your

data-files from your local machine

Install AssetManager Pro on your local machine

and access your data-files from a server.
Central Server and

Remote Access

Install and run AssetManager Pro on

MS Server and remotely access using terminal services

Note: Only available with Enterprise and Advisor editions.

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