Upgrade from MYOB AssetManager or AssetManager Pro

Still using MYOB AssetManager v1, MYOB AssetManager Pro v2 or v3

Upgrade to GRAGA AssetManager Pro v4 (formerly MYOB AssetManager Pro)

Run AssetManager Pro on the latest Windows and MS Server

Full support for Windows 7, 8, 10 and MS Server and Remote Desktop(Terminal Services)

Benefit Details v1 v2 v3 v4/v5
Latest Windows OS Run AssetManager Pro on Windows Vista, 7, 8 (10 Coming Soon)
MS Server and
Remote Access
Install and run AssetManager Pro from your centralized MS Server including Remote Access (via Terminal Services)

Available with Enterprise and Advisor Editions

High-DPI Touch Screens Use AssetManager Pro on High-DPI Touchscreens

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Get Compliant

Ensure you are fully complaint with the Australian Tax Office for your Book AND Tax Asset Depreciation, Transactions and Asset Pools

v1 v2 v3 v4/v5
Simplified Tax System
(Small Business Entities)
Running a Small Business Entity? Ensure you are up to date with the latest write-off and accelerated depreciation rules
(Last change effective 1st of Jan 2014 – $6,500 to $1,000 write-off threshold and removal of $5,000 accelerated depreciation for Motor Vehicles)
Find out more – ATO – Simplified depreciation rules
Motor Vehicle Cost Limits Comply with ATO rules around the cost limit you can depreciate on for Motor Vehicles
(Last change 2014/15 Financial Year – Cost Limit changed from $60,316 to $61,884)
Find out more ATO -Luxury car tax rate and thresholds
GST/LCT Application of GST and LCT to ensure correct application of depreciation and asset transactions    
Asset Pools Full support and up to date rates for Low Value, Long Life, General SBE and Software Development Pools    
Diminishing Value Depreciation
(Assets acquired on/after 10th of May 2006)
Ensure you are depreciating diminishing value assets acquired on or after the 10th May 2006 at 200% (not 150%)    
Uniform Capital
Still using AssetManager v1 and % Rates move to correctly define the depreciation rate of an Asset as an effective life in line with the Uniform Capital Allowance Rules introduced in 2001.
Directly use the ATO Effective Life Tables
Effective Life Ensure you are setting an asset depreciation based on effective life (NOT rate)  

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Enhanced Asset Tracking

Use AssetManager Pro for more than an Asset Register.

Track key Asset Properties, Count and Reconcile your Assets and their Location and keep track of Service and Warranty History



Benefit v1 v2 v3 v4/v5
Insurance Tracking (Coming Soon) Details of the insurance company, policy number, insured value and premium. You can generate reports on insurance costs, compare insured values to current values, and ensure your insurance expenses are under control. You can also see when premiums are due, and what total amounts are payable.
Print barcodes for your assets and their location. Customise the barcode output to fit your labels    
Custom Asset
Property Fields
Enhanced asset classification with 6 custom fields including drop down lists and entry fields.  
Warranty Details Tracking Serial Numbers, Warranty Dates and Expiring Warranties  

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Enhanced Asset Lists and Reporting

Get the most out of AssetManager Pro with enhanced reporting and searching

Benefit v1 v2 v3 v4/v5
Reports Access to an amazing array of reports on Asset Details, Depreciation,
Asset Transactions, Journals and Cards
16 Reports 29 Reports 29 Reports 40 Reports
Formatted Excel Outputs Designed for Excel report outputs making it easy to analyze key data    
Dynamic Asset Register/List Search Sort and Group Assets by 14 different views.
Search for Assets by ID and Name
Export Reports Export reports to 10 different formats including PDF  

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An Edition for your Needs

New range of editions to match your needs as a Business, Bookkeeper or Accountant

Business Premier Enterprise Advisor
Support Plan INCLUDED 12 Months of Technical Support
12 Months of Free Upgrades
Number of Company Files Number of company files you manage 2 10 100 UNLIMITED
MS Server Support MS Server 2003/2008/20012
Remote Access (Terminal Services)
UPGRADE PRICE Price (Includes 12 Months Support) $650 AUD $876 AUD $1102 AUD $1554 AUD

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Upgrade directly from v3 using the EASY UPGRADE ASSISTANT

Upgrading your data from v1 and v2 let us migrate it ($300 inc GST per file)

All prices in AUD and including GST

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